Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so for anybody who doesnt know, which would be the lot of ya, i spent the last 5 days in the hospital.  i started having weird chest pains.  the first time, it wasnt for long so it just seemed like a fluke.  then withing the next week it would randomly come back but each time for a longer period than the last.   thursday night it happened so i decided to go into the emergency room so i could get this crap taken care of.  i already knew i had high blood pressure, and due to my stupidity i did not take care of myself like i should have after receiving such news.  so they tell me my BP is way too high, and id have to be admitted so they can stabilize me and figure this whole situation out.  so i also knew i had a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea, and those of you who know me well enough know i have it.  its when i sleep at night i stop breathing so my heart and my brain dont get much needed oxygen, not to mention it interupts my sleep so i dont get a completely restfull sleep EVER.  long story short the doc wasnt being straight up with me, neither was anybody else.  i was supposed to come home saturday, then sunday, then monday, then finally today i took manners into my own hands, and made the decision to leave.  not to be worried i will be fine, my life as of now has and will be changed forever.  i now know for sure i am diabetic, i have high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.  the combination of which (going untreated) is highly dangerous.  so now im on meds, i sleep with a machine on my face, and i have worked out a diet and workout schedule for myself which i am going to stick to, or my quality of life will suffer greatly.  its good, its a wakeup call.  its high time i loose this extra persons worth of weight connected to me.  i need health, i need support.  so if you se me drinking a soda, kill me.  if you see me eating poorly, shoot me between the eyes.


SHIRLEY'S said...

its good to hear you say those thimgs. we love you Garen!

Brendon and Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing. We heard about it when we got to the volleyball game on Saturday, so I called Randi and got the scoop. Glad to hear you're doing better with a new resolve to get into healthy habits. The more I have researched medicine and especially medical philosophies, I have become a firm believer that the best type of medicine is preventive medicine. The more we take care of ourselves, the more opportunity it gives us to lead a full life. Best wishes to you and your new endeavors. I'm anxious to get started in school this fall to learn lots more about this kind of stuff.

Love your little bro,

Christensen Family said...

Hey Homer,

we happened to stumble on this blog tonight. (Blogging.....I had no Idea.....I usually let my wife handle all this important stuff)

Sorry to hear about your health I wish there was something we could do. When all is said and done our health, relationships and knowledge are about all that we got.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help, If you ever need to get away, please, feel free to come up for a visit anytime.....We'll always have a spare room....and those utah chicks....well they're addicting :)
(after you settle for one at least)

Take care we love ya man.

Blake & Holli

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Anonymous said...

G I didn't know you were in the hospital!?!? I'm glad to hear you're doing better and are deciding to make these fabulous changes in your life. I know you'll stay strong!! Miss you and hope you get better very very soon.. Mr. Disney awaits!

Dean & Pennie said...

Garen, how are you doing buddy, I miss you!! I was sad to read your post:( I'm glad you're doing ok!! Yes, please take care of yourself, there are sooooo many people who care about you and your health. I'm glad I finally found your blog, I don't have a whole lot of time to look through everyone's links. I'm linking you up now. Take Care, and now with your blog address I'll be updated with your life:)