Friday, February 15, 2008

two one four zero eight

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aaaaand another uneventful vday to add to the list.  but i did get some work done.  homework, and some personal design work.  it wasnt a bad day per say, just lonely.

and to those of you that are wondering about me and my vehicular situation, fret not, for i have solved this problem by purchasing the vehicle i have been longing for for a few years now...


i know some of you might disagree with my affinity for this holy grail of spacious practicality i now so proudly call my own, but greatness will always be mocked and scorned in its day.  mayhap when its long gone will the rest of you appreciate its subtle genius, but until that day i will comfortably drive, and love the car im in.  living in southern california and driving as much as we, and i do, you need to be able to enjoy it!  i can now say that i do, i love my car, and i love driving it.  


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SHIRLEY'S said...

So did you get the orange one?