Friday, February 1, 2008

your killing me smalls


last night im coming home from jeremy's house and a fun night of roasting mallows and making s'mores.  i make it almost all the way home, in fact to my off ramp, where some idiot in front of me decides to immediately brake and stop in the middle of the off ramp!  suffice it to say i was a little more than upset, since its a rear ended situation, its automatically my fault, grrrrr!!!  but luckily my car is the only thing that sustained any damage.  they were in a jeep and i hit the spare tire mounted on the back, so no harm no foul, no hiking up of insurance rates, no accident on the record.  all in all im fine, i came away unscathed, and thats the important part, right? RIGHT?!

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Donnie Bones said...

That sucks man, but I am glad you're now blogging.