Friday, March 7, 2008

zooey can you hear me?

just so you know, im practically in love with zooey deschanel.  i think she is a brilliant actress, she has style enough to share with the masses, a gorgeous voice that mels me every time, not to mention she is beautiful beyond belief, and quirky, which if your taking notes, is hiiiighly attractive to me.  she stands out and above in the fake ness of the hollywood crowd. and zooey, if your perchance reading this, come let us dance like children of the night.  

and on a slightly different note, its a another week come and gone.  my brother is adjusting just fine to regular life.  i received a new calling as a teacher in priesthood, the only block of church i have yet to teach in this ward.  but im excited.  i love teaching, and im especially excited to teach in this capacity.  my brother grant is getting married in a couple weeks, which is sort of surreal.  all the younger ones are getting married out from beneath me.  not a complaint (though it slightly is), rather more of an observation.  this is such a random jumble of thoughts, so if your lost or if youve even gotten this far, heres a cookie, you deserve it.  but life in general is great aside from my underpaying job. school is challenging, yet enjoyable.  im making new friends who i like.  im not as hermit like as i have been in the past year or so. all in all, things are looking up, and im going to make sure they keep on in the same direction.  i hope this weekend brings smiles happiness and laughter to me, those with me, and those not so privileged to be with me. 


Russell, Julie & Sadie Holmes said...

dude zooey is awesome. if you cant be her lover then you could for sure be her body guard. which i think would be better because you could hang with her and get payed.

David & Natalie said...

thanks for the cookie, pal.