Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"talking all about a second and third, when i havent understood the first"

so many dreams as of late have been weird to me.  you know when you hook up with quite random people, but in the dream it seems like total and complete utter bliss?!  like to hear it, here it goes...

there are a few girls ive met in the past few months, none of which im truly interested in.  that doesnt seem to keep them from being in my dreams.  i mean, i have the dream, it seems soo vivid that i start to think that maybe for some reason i do like this person as more than a friend.  maybe, just maybe i should pursue something, maybe something really is there, maybe somewhere in the back of my mind, somewhere where i have no conscious connection to my daily awakeness i do really like them.  so i second guess myself, my feelings, and my actions. sometimes i wish dreams just mirrored real life, not some illusionary one where my sub conscious and my conscious minds meet nowhere in between.  symbolism, perhaps.  but who needs symbols in their dreams when i cant figure out things when theyre presented to me in real life in the first place.  

"talking all about a second and third, when i havent understood the first (mewithoutyou)"  

  so lets get a jump on making life a bit simpler for me please.  no more symbols, no more messing with my head.  please subconscious, communicate with the conscious before you decide to make decisions of your own accord.  i dont think thats asking too much, is it?  nope, its just right!


Ryan&Cindel said...

i think dreams often times are in fact telling us how we really feel and are afraid to admit it otherwise. I definately would say you had these feelings for this person before you even knew it. ...maybe try it out but be careful? thats just me :)

good luck dear.

Brendon and Stephanie said...

I have had a few dreams recently that reflect my real life circumstances, so i'm a believer that they can hold real meaning... can being the key word i guess.

David & Natalie said...

no, you may not see it
it's the worst!