Thursday, July 10, 2008

m ma ma ma mania!

soooo, got the chance to ride the new toy story ride in california adventure yesterday.  simply put, amazing!  it was glorious on all accounts.  i seriously dont know how else to describe it.  its like buzz, but a ton more fun. and if you need to cool off during your day, its nice and air conditioned.  the imagineers outdid themselves this time around.  aaaaaaaaaaaaah, i just cant wait to go back and ride it again and again!  

P.S.  the line was only about 40 minutes all day long!!!  for a ride thats ben open for only 2 weeks to the general public, thats amazing!  when the subs opened back up last year with the new nemo theme, the lines were hours long for the entire summer and into the fall.  i didnt ride till February i think, due to the huge lines, and the unimpressive nature of the ride.  go ride mayhem mania.  it is easily my new favorite ride!


Kellie said...

heeeeeck yeah, Garen! :)

Ryan&Cindel said...

couldn't agree more!! it's fabulous! even better...i feel i am actually good at this one as opposed to Buzz! whoooweeewaaazaa!

Jackson 3 said...

YESSSS!! I'm so excited. We haven't riden' it yet, but have been anxiously awaiting to!
We were planning on just going there, standing in the two hour line, getting something to eat, then leaving. The lines doesn't seem so bad when you plan on it being long. but 40 min! I'm there. tomorrow

Lauren Parks said...

soooo excited! I can't wait to go on it. Thanks for the review :) lol