Wednesday, August 13, 2008


i now have my breathing apparatus for to be helping me with my sleep apnea.  its a small nose mask that straps around my head at the top and around my face.  its somewhat claustrophobic and it bugs the crap out of me still.  not only because i have to wear it, but i have to now get used to sleeping on my back, which i dont do.  its a whole ordeal.  but hopefully when/if i get used to this contraption i will be having normal sleep, and not be so tired all the time. its also supposed to help bring my high blood pressure way down and help with the good ol diabetes.  

i am tired of being a shoe whore.  i like shoes way too much. i own way too many. i never wear a lot of them.  i need to get down to the nitty gritty, but i cant seem to part from them.  i love the simple shoes. chucks, plain ol vans, boat shoes.  but then it gets worse. i have this thing for nike.  i have too many. especially since theyre espensive. i need help with not buying more.  but they just keep releasing amazing dunks after amazing dunks... i cant help it.  im a pretty plain kinda guy.  in my design, and my tatse i am pretty plain, but these dunks grab me with some kind of invisible, and un reasonable tractorbeam, and pull me in.  theres at least like 10 pairs out there i really really still want.  whats my deal?!  i need to stop. but if i stop, then im going to move on to sperrys (boat shoes) and get every possible colorway i can. i need some serious help.

arent you tired of getting dirt kicked in your face?
dont you want a taste of the good life
see what it tastes like?

the good life.  life is good.  im happy.  if you dont know, now you know.


Sheryl said...

Your dad still sleeps on his side when he uses his machine. Summer is the worst time to get used to it.
You should have been easier on Cody when he would borrow one of your many shoes, cuz you have so stinkin' many!! Your money has so many other better places to go!!
So glad to see you so happy!

Heidi said...

good to hear that you are happy! I could tell when we were there! Keep being happy!

River said...

Hi Garen How the heck are ya... hey since I'm a little internet addicted...(after the kids are in bed) I'll keep tabs on ya here... easier eh... btw... too bad I'm still not there, I'd make you buy me =) glad to see you're happy.

Russell and Trish said...'s Trish Green (Wilcox). How have you's been forever.. It looks like you are having a good 'ol time... just wanted to say hi!

Christensen Family said...

Happy Birthday Man, I was thinking of you and Jared the other day. isn't his on the 15th?

Great to see that you're doing good. My little sister Emily has sleep apnea and has a breathing machine. They've had to run a bunch of tests on her... not fun.

Anyways take care. Sure are a lot of people that you've influenced in a positive way.


shayne said...

does your sleep apnea mask the one that looks like an elephant?..too bad it isn't a llama one :(