Thursday, February 26, 2009

blaaaaaaaaaah blah

yesterday i had one of those dreams. you know, one of those dreams that you wake up in the middle of but you desperately want to get back into it because it was so much fun or so vivid or just the reality you want.  why do nightmares do the exact opposite?  i can remember ever since ive had nightmares, i would wake up, and be scared.  when i would be able to calm down enough to sleep again i would be put right back where i left off, or, it would just start al over again and be more vivid and scary.  and no matter how many times i would wake up from it, every single time i would go back to sleep, it was all waiting there for me.

this is also something that applies to another aspect in life, habits.  so heres the deal.  bad habits are sooo easy to start, very hard to stop.  good habits on the other hand are very hard to start, and oh so easy to stop.  i know we all know this already and all think the same thing. why?  i dont know.  i wish i did. i wish i knew the answers to the impossible questions, but alas, i do not. so dont ask me.  

me and friends of mine have found a new affinity for a childhood game called sardines. so for you not in the know its like backwards hide and go seek.  one person hides then the rest of the group go and find the individual but when you find them, you hide with them, until the last person finds the whole group.  so were doing it at my pals house, in the pitch black night.  its mostly empty, and kinda spooky, but a lot of fun!  were going to have another go at it this sunday night.  but this time the upstairs is going to be included! OH JOY! its going to be fun, some people will no doubt hurt themselves, but its a game, collateral damage can be expected.


Karena said...

Yes I agree! Sardines is the best game alive, that's my favorite game to play:)

Cori Shaw said...

oh garen, i enjoyed this.