Thursday, February 19, 2009

not my typical wednesday night

my brother jordan told me i blog about weird things.  im random. lets just get that out there.  but tonight was lovely!  first was an amazing lesson in institute, and i learned a lot personally about what i need to do to be a better missionary... followed by, build your own ice cream cookie samich at the toll house place next to the movie theater. i got one side snickerdoodle, the other side choc chip, and chocolatate ice cream.  it was delish.  then, to cap the night off, we saw coraline.  so great, pretty creepy, and theres absolutely no need for it to be 3D.  speaking of which, whats the deal with all these movies having to be 3D as of late. it doesnt enhance the experience since theres little to no exciting times that the 3D feature is utilized well.  its the same movie with a slight annoyance of having to wear these glasses over my existing glasses... dumb dumb dumb.  and i noticed all the upcoming animated movies are ALL going to be in 3D. if your going to do that, make something come out at me, make me thing a missile is going to hit me in the face, or a tiger is going to slash my face, or a zombie is going to eat my face. dont ust make it a regular movie and convert it to 3D. its not impressive. its annoying. but go see coraline, please do. its great!

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